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Trouble Shooting
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Problems / Causes / Solutions
Reference Guide

Problem Possible Cause Solution
Cloudy Water Organic contaminants build up Shock treatment with Refresh, and SpaPerfect
" " Suspended particles Add Easy Clear, use Spa-Ball, add SpaPerfect
" " pH high Add pH Down until pH level reads 7.2-7.6
" " Total alkalinity too high Add pH Down, adjust total alkalinity to 80-150 p.p.m.
" " Hardness to high Add Best Defense, circulate through a water softener until hardness is 150-280 p.p.m.
" " Poor filtration Dirty filter, clean with cartridge cleaner
" " High dissolved solids Empty spa and refill
Colored Water

Dissolved copper, iron and other metals from source water or equipment Use Best Defense. Have your dealer check water balance
" " Algae Add non-foaming Algaecide
" " Fragrance Stop the use of fragrance
High concentration of oils and organic contaminants being agitate by jets Squirt Defoamer on foam. Use the Spa-Ball or add Descummer
" " Soft water Add Cal Rise until hardness is 150-280 p.p.m.
Scale Deposits
High calcium level, high pH, high alkalinity Drain partially, add Best Defense, correct pH level to 7.2-7.8 and alkalinity to 80-150 p.p.m.
High level of organic contaminants combined chlorine Shock with Refresh, add SpaPerfect
Eye/Skin Irritation pH too low Add pH up until level is 7.2-7.8
" "
Combined chlorine due to high concentration of organic contaminants Shock with Spa Shock, add disinfectant
No Chlorine / Bromine Reading High concentration of organic contaminants using up sanitizers Shock spa with refresh and then add sanitizer if needed to bring to ideal level.
" "
Test reagents may be ineffective Replace at least once a year, keep cool and out or sunlight