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We love our Artic Spa! Thank you for your advice and awesome service. We were particularly impressed by the extent of your service - everything from delivery and set-up to a chemical kit and spa school!

~ Dana & Monica Rieder

Salt Water Systems
For Pools and Spas

Salt water systems are the answer to every pool / spa owners dreams. No more harsh chemicals, odors or aftermath of things such as dry skin due to the chemicals. Salt water systems are a safe and natural way to enjoy the water.

• No more chemical odors
• Longer water life
• No more floating dispensers
• Cleaner, softer water
• Easier on the skin - No more itch
• No more red eyes

Genesis Systems For Spas
Crystal Clear Water with Little Maintenance

Imagine having your very own spa maintenance crew 24/7. Imagine never having to buy bromine tablets again. Imagine a spa without an ozone odor, without scum lines, just crystal clear water. Imagine ...

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Aqua Rite Systems For Pools
Crystal Clear Water with Little Maintenance

Never buy, mix or measure chlorine again. It is possible with the Aqua Rite Electronic Chlorine Generator. Aqua Rite delivers 100 percent of the sanitization your water needs though common table salt, not factory created chlorine. Just natural refreshing water you can swim in without limitation.

• Soft, Crystal Clear, Luxurious Water
• No more hassles buying, storing, measuring chlorine.
• For any pool up to 40,000 gallons
• Digital display of salt level and diagnostic info plus 8 LED status indicators.
• Easy to use dial adjustment to generate more or less chlorine.
• "Super Chlorinate" mode
• Interfaces with Pentair and Polaris pool automation controls. Also check out the
Aqua Logic ® Automation and Chlorination control from Goldline.

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